Rumours on Apple removing 3.5mm headphone connectors

On 30 November,2015   By play_avi


Latest rumour in the tech industry of Apple dropping their 3.5mm ear buds connector to a Lightning connector. More…

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Rentomojo Indian Rental Startup raises $2M from IDG Ventures and Accel Partners

On 24 November,2015   By play_avi


Rentomojo headquartered in Bengaluru announced about their Series A funding of $2 million today. More…

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Amazon’s Touchscreen White Kindle Version is released in India at Rs 5,999

On 18 November,2015   By play_avi


The popular e-book reader Kindle, which is available in India for some time now. Last Year Amazon released the 6-inch model with touchscreen at a good price with only the Black Version available to choose from. More…

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Youtube Red the Ad Free Video Subscription for just $9.99

On 22 October,2015   By play_avi


Google launched Youtube Red their long-rumored subscription for removing Ads from all videos and also revealed of exclusive content for their subscribers today at an event in Los Angeles. More…

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Motorola Moto X Play launch confirmed on Sep. 14

On 9 September,2015   By play_avi


Recently, Motorola started revealing teasers for their Moto X Play smartphone, which we covered in our article a day before including the features and that it will soon be released in India. More…

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Adblock Browser for iOS Devices is here

On 8 September,2015   By play_avi


The famous Ad Blocking extension for your computer browsers which helped you block those annoying ads on websites. More…

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Motorola Hints on launching Moto X Play in India

On 7 September,2015   By play_avi


Recently Motorola launched its budget smartphone Moto G(Gen 3) in India and introduced 2 versions of Moto X the Play and Style at their event in July. Motorola hints on launching Moto X Play in India by tweeting a teaser image on their official Twitter account. More…

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iPhone 6s Force Touch to be more than just Touch

On 6 September,2015   By play_avi


Apple plans to bring Force Touch technology to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to be announced on 9th September at the event which will air at 10:30 PM IST. More…

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WhatsApp reaches 900 Million Active Users Online Monthly

On 5 September,2015   By play_avi


After Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2014 for $19 Billion its growth has been tremendous.


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Google,Wireless Router

Everything about Google’s new OnHub wireless router

On 27 August,2015   By play_avi


Last week, Google released a wireless router on the internet called the OnHub, which was at work for a couple of years. More…

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Rumours from Samsung making a huge 18.4-Inch Android Tablet

On 22 August,2015   By play_avi


Recent leaks suggest that Samsung might be up on building a huge 18.4-Inch tablet running Android codenamed as ‘Tahoe’. More…

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Microsoft’s ‘NewsCast’ is under test an app that reads you the news

On 17 August,2015   By play_avi


Microsoft’s Bing team has been working on a new app called NewsCast, which can make a playlist of news stories and read them to you. More…

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Xbox One Fully Loaded With Windows 10 In November

On 5 August,2015   By play_avi


Just a few days after the release of Windows 10 for PC, Microsoft has revealed plans for upgrading Xbox One Consoles to Windows 10 this­­­­ November. More…

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OnePlus Two The 2016 Flagship Killer is here

On 28 July,2015   By play_avi


Finally, you can meet the ‘2016 flagship killer’ The OnePlus Two which was launched early this morning. With its predecessor The OnePlus One launched a year ago with awesome features at a great price. OnePlus Two again comes with a crazy-low price at $329 for the 16 GB & $389 for 64GB. More…

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WhatsApp’s next upgrade to include custom notifications and more

On 23 July,2015   By play_avi


WhatsApp is ready to roll out their next upgrade to the Android version of their popular Instant Messaging client, which will include custom notification features, marking messages as unread and more flexible menu to handle notifications to your favourite contacts. More…

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