Amazon’s Touchscreen White Kindle Version is released in India at Rs 5,999

ON 18 November,2015   BY play_avi

The popular e-book reader Kindle, which is available in India for some time now. Last Year Amazon released the 6-inch model with touchscreen at a good price with only the Black Version available to choose from.

With the same price at Rs 5,999 they released their white version to choose from to the customers when you are buying it.

The Kindle is an awesome device which allows you to carry all your eBooks with you while travel. It has an incredible battery life of 4weeks, so it’s really good to carry this around on your vacations.

You can download eBooks to your Kindle using wifi without the need of any computer device. Again, as the device has no LED backlight so you need to have a luminance source around to read the content.

You get 4GB of storage to store thousands of books on your device and also can avail the unlimited book subscription at a fee of Rs 199/month.

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