Youtube Red the Ad Free Video Subscription for just $9.99

ON 22 October,2015   BY play_avi

Google launched Youtube Red their long-rumored subscription for removing Ads from all videos and also revealed of exclusive content for their subscribers today at an event in Los Angeles.

The subscribers wont be seeing any ads for the videos they watch and also save videos offline and continue to listen them in the background of your smartphone. This may be live in a week or two but in a year’s time they would start delivering exclusive series and even full length movies to their subscribers.

Youtube Red subscription will also include Youtube Music a dedicated app from Youtube for music lovers which was formerly called Youtube Music Key. With that Youtube Red will also grant you access to Google Play Music, the awesome music streaming service from Google.

Youtube Red will be a great option as people are already ready to pay just for Google Play Music but with this subscription they will have a great deal.

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