Adblock Browser for iOS Devices is here

ON 8 September,2015   BY play_avi

The famous Ad Blocking extension for your computer browsers which helped you block those annoying ads on websites.

Today they released Adblock Browser for iOS Devices the browser was available for Android Users on the Play Store for a few months now. As announced the mobile Safari browser will be having features like ad-blocking in their next iOS9 update, it will be great to see how Adblock’s browser turns out in the race.

In just a day left for iOS 9’s official release it will be great to compare both the browser how they deal with those annoying advertisements. You can also stop and start the feature in the Adblock browser if you wish to feel the ADs again while browsing the websites.

The German-based company named Eyeo, which developed the Adblock Browser says that the browser is built on the Kitt browser, and iOS platform which helps developers to build customized browsers.

They claim that the browser can speed up page loading, save bandwidth and conserve even your smartphone’s battery life. We will surely try to compare both the browsers ad-blocking capabilities and share it with you all so stay tuned.

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