Microsoft’s ‘NewsCast’ is under test an app that reads you the news

ON 17 August,2015   BY play_avi

Microsoft’s Bing team has been working on a new app called NewsCast, which can make a playlist of news stories and read them to you. The main concept around the app is to make travelling a more productive and relaxing task by letting you do the steering, braking and avoid crashing while driving by staring at your smartphone screen.

It’s however not available for anyone to download as it’s been used for ‘Internal Testing’. The app has not been announced formally, but it was spotted recently on a tech siteĀ Neowin.

With the app you can listen to news on the go and also save articles for reading later or you can also view the entire article on a built-in browser.

The development team is collecting feedback for the app so they can make it better. You just have to click on the feedback button in the app which opens an email containing a survey of three questions of user likes, dislikes and what they expect in the future.

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