WhatsApp’s next upgrade to include custom notifications and more

ON 23 July,2015   BY play_avi

WhatsApp is ready to roll out their next upgrade to the Android version of their popular Instant Messaging client, which will include custom notification features, marking messages as unread and more flexible menu to handle notifications to your favourite contacts.

The new settings can be found on the contact’s or group’s detail page below the media box. Custom notification settings can be implemented for both individual or group contacts which will help you in differentiating between important and unnecessary messages.

To use the ‘Mark as unread’ setting long press on a conversation from the Chats list. This will help you to remember if you want to read a conversation later. It doesn’t impact the sender in any way its just for the receiver’s convenience.

They have also added a low data usage option for voice calls which is a good option for areas where data connectivity is limited.

The update is limited to Android as of now, but it would surely be rolling out soon for iOS. Although people have to wait for the most recent version of Whatsapp to reach the Google Play store which still features v2.12.176 in India.

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