Xiaomi sets world record selling 2.11 million phones in 24 Hours

On 10 April,2015   By play_avi


2.11 Million yeah thats the number of phones Xiaomi sold in a day at the Mi Fan Festival hosted by them with an overall revenue of $335 billion approx. They entered the Guinness Book of World Records as ‘Most number of phones sold online over 24 hours’. More…

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Flipkart plans to sell Groceries online

On 8 April,2015   By play_avi


Indian online retail giant Flipkart plans to join the online groceries sales market by the second half of this year. More…

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Divorce Paperwork possible now using Facebook

On 7 April,2015   By play_avi


The famous social networking site Facebook where we can connect with our old friends can now also be used to serve divorce paperwork using the private message tool. This is now considered as genuine in the law for ending any marriage. More…

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Oxygen OS Available For OnePlus One Now!

On 4 April,2015   By play_avi


After the long wait for the Oxygen OS and even crossing an extra week of launch we have the OS for all OnePlus One users. More…

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Direct Connectivity To Internet In Bluetooth 4.2 Version

On 3 December,2014   By play_avi

Bluetooth 4.2

The next version of Bluetooth would take connectivity to a higher level as said in the title it will be able to connect directly to the internet. More…

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Nimbuzz Releases Holaa! App The Indian Version of Truecaller

On 26 November,2014   By play_avi

Holaa Caller ID App

Holaa! App is the Indian version for the famous caller identification app Truecaller. More…

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Phone In India at Rs 9999

On 24 November,2014   By play_avi

Xiaomi Redmi 4G Phone India

The Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi to be launching there next version in India on December 2nd 2014. About 50,000 units to be sold on Flipkart. More…

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Tim Cook’s heartfelt tribute to Steve Jobs 3rd anniversary of his passing

On 4 October,2014   By play_avi


The Icon, Visionary, Innovator and as many names that can be used to dedicate Steve Jobs contribution to the tech industry would be less. More…

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Motorola Moto X to be available by midnight at Rs 31,999

On 24 September,2014   By play_avi


The most awaited next-gen Motorola giant the Moto X smartphone to be available by midnight today in India priced at Rs 31,999. More…

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The New Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has got bigger and better

On 9 September,2014   By play_avi

iphone 6

The New Year has brought two new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which are bigger, thinner and far better than its previous versions. Tim Cook Apple CEO officially revealed both the models of iPhone with 6 having a 4.7-inch and 6 Plus with 5.5-inch Screen. More…

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New York Fashion Week with Diesel Black Gold releases the Samsung Gear S

On 9 September,2014   By play_avi


In the market of wearable devices the brand Samsung which stands tall from its competitors has joined hands with the “premium” line of expensive brand the Diesel Black Gold with its release of Samsung Gear S at the New York Fashion Week. More…

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Computing,Operating System,Technology

Rumours for the release of Windows 9 codenamed ‘Threshold’

On 22 August,2014   By play_avi


The wait for Microsoft’s new OS release is about to come to an end. The successor for Windows 8 would be revealed through the curtains by the end of September this year according to a report. More…

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The New Alienware 13-inch Touchscreen Gaming Laptop

On 10 August,2014   By play_avi


Dell reveals the cover this week with a new gaming laptop to the range of Alienware. With its other competitions in providing ultra-thin gaming laptops like Razer and Origin, Dell has tried to bring the race a bit closer to them. More…

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Xiaomi Mi3 Back for Sale Tomorrow on Flipkart

On 4 August,2014   By play_avi


Xiaomi the Chinese smartphone brand has captured the Indian market which is based mostly on brand conscious users. More…

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Driverless Cars hit UK roads by January 2015

On 30 July,2014   By play_avi

driverless cars

Driverless cars are ready to hit the roads of UK by January of 2015 as announced today. It will be amazing to see how these vehicles can find their own way and reach the destination as provided by the user. More…

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