Google,Wireless Router

Everything about Google’s new OnHub wireless router

On 27 August,2015   By play_avi


Last week, Google released a wireless router on the internet called the OnHub, which was at work for a couple of years. More…

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Android M by the end of this year

On 29 May,2015   By play_avi


Google today launched their Successor for Android named as Android M. More…

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Next Google Nexus to be made from Huawei

On 11 May,2015   By play_avi


This isn’t the first time that Huawei’s been attached to be producing a Nexus phone, as it was linked to the Nexus 6 during its release. May be these rumors are because of early stalled negotiations with the companies. More…

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Shamu The Next Google Nexus 6

On 28 July,2014   By play_avi


Rumors about Google working on the 5.9-inch phone¬†code named as Shamu which could be the next Google Nexus has been spread in the tech market. More…

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