Microsoft’s ‘NewsCast’ is under test an app that reads you the news

On 17 August,2015   By play_avi


Microsoft’s Bing team has been working on a new app called NewsCast, which can make a playlist of news stories and read them to you. More…

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Microsoft Edge replacement to the iconic Internet Explorer

On 30 April,2015   By play_avi


One of the awesome features to be included with Windows 10 OS is Edge the new browser replacing the iconic and old Internet Explorer. More…

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Rumours for the release of Windows 9 codenamed ‘Threshold’

On 22 August,2014   By play_avi


The wait for Microsoft’s new OS release is about to come to an end. The successor for Windows 8 would be revealed through the curtains by the end of September this year according to a report. More…

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